Two Year Old House

What’s to like about a two year old house?

  • It has a two-year history. Everything about it is still ahead of it but you now have two years by which to judge the house.
  • It is a safer building and more convenient than all of its predecessors.
  • It won’t contain asbestos, C.S.S.T, Chlordane, mold, lead pipes, Copper pipes with lead solder joints, lead paint, Copper gas lines, R-22 Freon, etc.
  • It will be more energy efficient. It will contain more attic insulation. It will be equipped with high-efficiency air conditioning and heating equipment and therefore utility bills are likely to be lower
  • It will be equipped with many devices and appliances that have been greatly improved; among them are uncharacteristically quiet garage door openers.
  • It may even be equipped with remote-controlled ceiling fans, lights that shut off by themselves whenever no one is in the room.
  • It will likely come with a security system already installed.
  • It will likely be equipped with a lawn sprinkler system with water-saving devices such as rain sensors and buried sprinkler lines that no longer water the pavement.
  • Most of the warranty issues (if there were any) have likely been resolved by now. Most defects and deficiencies have been discovered by the owner by now.
  • There should be landscaping and sod by now. The sod should be well-established and anchored by now.
  • The bumpy lawn should be flattened out by now and the irrigation should be under control.

What’s not to like about a two year old house?

  • Very little. It’s still considered to be new.

Written and distributed by

David Padgett


Professional Inspector

License No. 58

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