Why not buy a brand new house?

Here are a few reasons not to buy a brand new house:

  1. Often more expensive. Most people tend to buy larger homes than they previously owned or rented so there may not be an appreciable difference in the cost of utilities (or taxes for that matter) because of it.
  2. The builder knows and expects you to add 10-15% in upgrades, so the price is always more than advertised.
  3. A brand new house has no history. Everything about it is ahead of it.
  4. We won’t know for some time if any of the newest and latest building materials will be recalled for safety or quality issues like Chinese drywall, C.S.S.T. (gas lines), Poly-Butylene, etc. or possibly banned from the U.S. such as Chlordane.
  5. Builders are not only permitted but are encouraged to use materials that have not yet been “time-tested” such as PEX (plastic water lines).
  6. It is certain to be equipped with water-saving toilets (sounds good)  that can actually waste water by causing you to flush more than once to clear them.
  7. Warranty service is an unknown quantity. Will the builder respond quickly and responsibly to any issues that you have during the warranty period?
  8. Privacy fences are a must because there is little privacy between neighbors; especially tract homes; even less privacy with two-story houses.
  9. Narrower spaces between properties. Newer tract homes are being built with spacing more like urban densely-populated cities were a hundred years ago.
  10. Getting the sod started requires over-watering of the irrigation system and keeps the yard muddy for nearly all of the first year. The lawn doesn’t flatten out for nearly two years unless you are able to roll it down yourself before that.
  11. It may have little or no landscaping and may not even have sod. Some builders charge extra for pretty landscaping.
  12. Homeowner association dues can be expensive. Common areas and amenities like community swimming pools are not free. They cost money to build and to maintain.

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