Should We Buy A New House?

Need a good reason to buy a new house instead of a used one?

Here are just a few good reasons a new house is worthy of  consideration.

  1. It’s brand spanking new!
  2. It’s under warranty.
  3. It is a safer building and more convenient than all of its predecessors.
  4. It won’t contain asbestos, C.S.S.T, Chlordane, mold, lead pipes, lead paint, Copper gas lines, R-22 Freon, lead roof flashings, etc.
  5. It will be more energy efficient. It will contain more attic insulation. It will be equipped with high-efficiency air conditioning and heating equipment and your utility bills are likely to be lower.
  6. More efficient new homes come equipped with radiant reflective roof sheathing that helps lower utility bills even more.
  7. Although new homes are generally more expensive, this gap can be made up in a few years by the lower cost of maintenance.
  8. New homes usually go up in value and fairly soon especially if the economy is good.
  9. It will be equipped with many basic features that have been greatly improved: For example: quieter garage door openers, pre-wired for cable and/or satellite, pre-wired for the Internet, heat-resistant windows, etc.
  10. It may even be equipped with remote-controlled ceiling fans, lights that shut off by themselves whenever no one is in the room.
  11. It will likely come with a security system already installed.
  12. It will likely be equipped with a lawn sprinkler system that is intelligent enough to not come on when it is raining.
  13. Common areas such as a clubhouse, walking paths, green belts, playgrounds and community swimming pools.

Written and distributed by

David Padgett


Professional Inspector

License No. 58

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