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Path To Real Estate Inspections In 1985

I became a home inspector in 1985. I am always amazed at the changes in the world that occur in just a few decades. For example…. 20 years before, things were incredibly different. At that time [1965] I was working as an inspector in the Chrysler Electrical plant in Indianapolis and serving in the Indiana National Guard.

After clocking out one day in 1973, I went looking (and found) another job. That day, I began another career. I found work as a carpenter with a real estate developer building large apartment complexes and swimming pools but as inflation rose and interest rates soared, new construction ceased as well.

On a Saturday in October, my employer and I finished a lap pool under the lights on the Purdue University campus . After shooting 44 yards of Gunite through a 4 inch hose at 900 PSI, we were both spent. He paid me my wages and told me he would call in the Spring. By then the economy worsened and I never got the call.

I went to work as a civilian carpenter at Fort Benjamin Harrison, the Army’s Finance Center. It was only a temporary Civil Service job but with a chance at a permanent position. Near the end of my term, I passed the Civil Service sub-journeyman’s exam, but 700 hours as a military post carpenter was long enough to decide that I would not be content punching another time clock even for the government. I didn’t take the permanent post.

For the following 12 years, I rebuilt homes after major disasters such as tornadoes, floods and fires, remodeled commercial tenant lease spaces [build to suit].

Working as a civilian carpenter for a builder of apartments and nursing homes was a lot more interesting to me then than climbing on slate roofs of 2 and 3 story buildings on a military post.  A few years later came gasoline, coffee and sugar shortages. The late 70’s brought record inflation and then  the recession hit. Apartment building and other construction came to a screeching halt as did many other things including cheap gas.

I moved to Texas and went to work for a prominent cabinet shop designing tenant lease spaces for Ophthalmologists and Optometrists.

In 1985, I was hired by one of the most successful inspection companies in Dallas to perform home inspections for real estate earnest-money contracts. In 1987 I created Arlington Property Services and have been performing residential and commercial inspections ever since.

An interesting quote from someone about Arlington Texas exactly 100 years before I came here.  “A traveler reported today that ‘The town of Arlington is still improving and is destined at some future day to be an inland town of considerable notoriety. These people are shrewd and hospitable in no small degree. In school matters they exhibit a commendable zeal for the general diffusion of knowledge among youths of their city.[Fort Worth Gazette, 1884]”

[If they only knew.]

David Padgett

T.R.E.C. Professional Inspector License #58

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