Texas Residents Are Good People

Kindness and caring are just two reasons why Texas residents are good people.

Texas has had its share of natural disasters ranging from hurricanes and tornadoes that strike us with some regularity. Not to mention the floods that destroyed hundreds of homes in between. Natural catastrophes always affect more than just the people they displace. In 1990, I was hired to inspect a home in Arlington Texas for some of the California earthquake victims wishing to relocate. In particular, I remember a nice couple with two teenage children who were extremely affected by the earthquake. Because of the trauma that they experienced they were now inseparable. The father told me that they have to know where each of them is at all times.

Two-thousand six brought folks to Texas who before were living along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida. When Hurricane Katrina struck in August of 2005, these people had no place to go. There were a lot of generous Texans who took them in and helped them find temporary quarters through donations from private charities and churches. Government assistance came all too slowly. Soon after that, Hurricane Rita hit land on September 24, 2005 and made things worse.

Being in the direct path of storms of that magnitude is unimaginable. Some were completely homeless with heart-wrenching stories. Some folks just needed refuge; others wanted a change of scenery and sunny weather after the hurricanes and floods. Many of them decided to move to Texas and remain here still today. They came to Texas for help and they got it.

When Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard in the fall of 2012, it caused severe damage especially in New York and New Jersey. Power was out for weeks and thousands of people were homeless. Trucks were loaded with food, clothing and medical supplies donated by Texans and headed north. For weeks to come, many of us donated items to the Mission Arlington in downtown Arlington Texas. They came to Texans for help and they got it.

Written and distributed by

David Padgett


Professional Inspector

License No. 58