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T.R.E.C. Professional Inspector License #58

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David Padgett is a home inspector with 30 years of experience covering the Arlington, Texas and Fort Worth, Texas area.  He has performed over 10,000 home inspections since 1985.  This page is always being updated to help you understand what kinds of things you should be looking for when you buy or sell a house.  David has seen just about everything that you can imagine when it comes to houses.  With his extensive background, it isn’t often that he comes across something that he hasn’t seen in the past. If you’re looking for an Arlington Texas Home Inspection, fill out our contact us form or book an inspection form today!

A Personal Observation:

I am privileged to perform home inspections in a metropolitan area where I can see so many beautiful houses and meet so many interesting people. Everyone knows Texas is a great place to live and has a lot of beautiful houses, but Tarrant, Denton, Parker, Wise and Johnson Counties have some of the most affordable homes in the country.

Like most home inspectors, I’m all over the map. Locally I have gone as far as Lucas, Texas but I mostly cover Tarrant County.

California investors have known for a long time that this area is one of the most economical areas of the country in which to live.


Two-thousand six was not a great year for people living on the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida. That year I met a lot of Katrina victims and many who were devastated by Hurricane Rita the summer before. Some were completely homeless with heart-wrenching stories. They came to Texas for help. Some folks just wanted a change of scenery and sunny weather after the hurricanes and many of them decided to stay in Texas. Some had insurance or their own money and resources and others needed government help.  There were a lot of generous Texans who took them in and helped them through private charities and churches.

Like real estate agents, home inspectors get to meet a variety of clients; buyers, sellers and their families and friends. We meet appraisers, surveyors, insurance agents, repairmen and decorators. I have performed home inspections for home builders, pool builders, plumbers, doctors and nurses. I have worked on behalf of lottery winners, college students, young married couples, airmen, soldiers and sailors.  I met a legendary INDY 500 race car driver and his gracious wife.

I’ve been hired to inspect homes for current baseball players, former baseball players, TV anchormen, radio newscasters, program directors and college professors. I’ve met teachers, coaches, principals and bus drivers, corporate CEO’s, baseball GM’s, engineers and lawyers.  I had the pleasure to perform a home inspection for a legendary singer from the 40’s and the privilege and honor to meet and inspect a home for a Tuskegee Airmen. I am extremely grateful for those experiences.

I have been hired by people buying homes so that their elderly parents could be near them. Church members helping local flood victims until they can get back on their feet. Parents buying homes for their struggling daughters and sons to help them get through a nasty divorce or a death in the family. A lot of generous Texans live here.

It is good to be an American and it is especially good to live in Texas.

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